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Fehlt der Errata für die Adeptenkraft Befehlsstimme im deutschen Strassengrimoire?

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Im englischen Stolen Souls sowie im englischen Street Grimorie und Street Grimoire Errate gibt es die Kraft Commanding Voice. Der Errata für diese scheint es jedoch nicht ins deutsche Strassengrimoire geschafft zu haben.

Quelle: Pegasus Forum, Benutzer: Avalia

Commanding Voice im Stolen Souls

COMMANDING VOICE, Stolen Souls 191
Cost: 1 power point
This power channels the adept’s magic into his voice to enhance the modulation and pitch, subliminally influencing the actions of any listeners. The adept takes a Complex Action to give a simple but forceful command (five words or less) to the target, making an Opposed Test with Leadership + Charisma against the target(s) Willpower + Intuition. If the adept succeeds in the test, the target uses his next action to either carry out the command or stands confused (gamemaster’s choice, but the more net hits achieved the more likely it is for the target to obey the adept’s command). Such commands carry no weight beyond the immediate impetus, and the affected characters will quickly reassert their wits, returning to their original course of action. If multiple individuals are targeted, use the largest dice pool among
the defenders and add 1 die per additional target (to a maximum of six individuals). Commanding Voice may only be used on metahumans who can directly hear and understand the adept’s words. It has no effect when the voice is amplified or broadcast via technological means (e.g., wireless transmission or loudspeaker). It is also less effective on subsequent uses against the same target. Apply a cumulative –2 dice pool penalty for each use within the preceding 24 hours.

Commanding Voice im Street Grimoire

COMMANDING VOICE, Street Grimoire 170
Adepts with this power have a knack for convincing people to believe them or do things for them in certain situations. For every level of this power, an adept gains a +1 die to any Opposed Intimidation or Leadership tests that they initiate (normal limits apply). If the adept succeeds, then the target(s) will agree to or follow the adept’s next suggestion or command, within reason and depending on the situation. A subject won’t normally harm himself for example, but he may be persuaded that the pretty-boy elf over there was making moves on his girl/guy and that punching said elf is a good idea. Or an adept may convince a corporate secretary to give up some dirt on her boss.To keep this power in check, gamemasters can also grant targets a situational bonus based on how inclined the subject would be to believe the adept. An adept can attempt to use this ability on up to (Charisma) people at a time, with a –1 dice pool for any additional subjects.

Commanding Voice im Street Grimoire Errata

Commanding Voice Change, Street Grimoire Errata page 4
The version of Commanding Voice on p. 185, Stolen Souls, stands. This power is changed to Authoritative Tone, costs 0.50 PP per level (max 3), and is described as follows: Adepts with this power can speak in a way that immediately makes people want to believe them and follow their orders. For every level of this power, an adept gains a +1 die to any Opposed Social Skill Test that they initiate (normal limits apply).

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